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Tom Daley & Team GB — Sexy And I Know It


Crack of Doom-Tiger Lillies

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Woah, Im still like “Wow” after watching this.. Its so amazing!! 

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Played 10 times

Delilah -Go 


Darren Criss sketch from photo, Deanoxe.

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thoughts that go through my mind when listening to music:

  • i listen to weird shit
  • this is my new favorite song 
  • i don’t even know who sings this 
  • this song is amazing 
  • this song is depressing 
  • this song is so great
  • i remember the first time i heard this song 
  • wtf is this
  • just wow 
  • i listen to better music than everyone i know
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Baking whilst listening to the Warblers, perfect evening!